Problem with reading both voltage and current


I have started a project that involves measuring the voltage and current of a 20W solar panel. I am using an 5amp ACS712 hall effect current sensor to determine the current and a voltage divider, to drop the voltage below 5 volts for the Arduino analog pin to read.

I’m able to determine the current and voltage independently however when connected together in parallel, both the current and voltage are dropped significantly and when put in series of one another, either the voltage reads as 0 or the current reads as 0.

Due to being able to determine the voltage and current independently has left me to conclude the code is fine and that my wiring is incorrect. I have attached a picture of my wiring at this moment in time which results in the reduced current and voltage. (The battery pack is what I have been measuring the voltage and current of for testing).

I was wondering if anyone would be able to point me in the right direction as countless hours of googling hasn’t been able to help.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Looking at your diagram it looks to me like you have:
From the battery -ve to bottom bus on the breadboard
From the bottom bus to the current sensor
From the current sensor to a vertical contact strip on the breadboard
From that vertical strip to the battery +ve.

So the battery is shorted out.

Which would explain various problems.

Thank you, will have to look into this.

On a second glance I have made an error in the diagram, the -ve form the battery is actually connected to the -ve bus on the bread board, similarly with the current sensor.

Post your corrected diagram please...