Problem with reading sms from sony ericsson k300i

Hello everyone I have a problem with reading sms on the phone memory. I read only the headlines but the content is gone.


+CPMS: 27,111,19,30,27,111



+CMGR: 1,,156 07915389870020304005810900F900F56050AT+CMGR=1

+CMGR: 1,,156 07915389870020304005810900F900F56050

Looks like you are getting the message in PDU format, not text. Did you try setting the SMS format to text?

To get a list of supported formats, use this command:


Hopefully it supports format 1 (Text) as well as format 0 (PDU). If so, set it to Text:


GSM does not support TEXT mode

kaluhckua: GSM does not support TEXT mode

Then you'll have to figure out how to translate from PDU data back to text.

This is not a problem.The problem is that the data itself does not arrive.