problem with recoginze COM port, usb driver and ..

plugged the USB mini B cord into the board then the PC. HOwever I didnt get an Window found new device screen. All I got is the board running with power. The leds for pwd, rx and tx came on, plus the led on pin 13 blinks. So when opening up the Arduino software I couldn't find the port (beside port com 1) and I try to add the hardware driver for the usb and I couldn't do that either. What should I do to get the driver onto my PC so I can upload programs onto the microprocessor on the board? UI search the web and I found people having the same problem but no help. I used all solutions to what can help this issue and thats not helpful in my case. The reset button work on the board I can tell by pressing it the led on pin 13 wont blink at all until I let go. I try using other computers and it still do the same thing let the board leds come on but can't get the port to be recognize and the driver can't be on the PCs, the code can't upload to boards... what is going on? I read about the bootloader and I was told it was on the board but what is the issue why I can't do nothing with the board and my PC?

Until you get your pc to recognize the arduino as a virtual comport, you are deas in the water. What operating system are you using? If you are using some version of windows it is supprising that you don't get the new USB device connected alert.

I'm using Window XP professional series 2

This shows how the drivers should be installed automatically. If this does not happen, you can install the drivers manually, by going to the FTDI site, using the link in the 3rd bullet.

i had done the following steps ans skill i can't get the driver up, can't recognize the board so i can upload codes onto the chip.. can you tell me if there any other way to upload code onto the atmega328 chip

I have the same problem as you .i 'm using windows XP and he could not recognize my aruido's kind of frustrating i can imagine your position >:(

The Arduino IDE does need to be told which xp com port to use. try them all till you find which one works. In the tools menu of the IDE.

I had same as noob.

can you give me more details on the steps to follow from the start plz.thax a lot

Thank you all for trying to help... however i found my answer to the problem... when i soldered the board and power it up, the rx and tx leds were on... thats wrong. so i look at the mini usb that i soldered and found ouit the the solder material was touching each others - creating a fault connection where the rx and tc leds stay on and no usb found by the PC. i had to resolder the usb and it work fine. ;D