Problem with relay board

Hi all, I just received my relay board ,(took almost a month to get) and I have problems with the hookup. I know ground(gnd) and 5 volt power supply(vcc) where they go but that's where my problem comes into play. In1, In2, In3,and In4 work backwards. On my arduino say analog pin A1 turns on a light in my program, once it sends the 5 volts nothing happens. It will work only when no power is on that terminal. The board works off a ground for those terminal. I want to know if this is normal or did I purchase the wrong board. Here's the board,

Any help would be appreciated.

For that board design that is normal operation. a LOW on a channel input will activate a relay, a HIGH will deactivate the relay. That is not a problem, but rather just something you need to be aware of as you write your sketch programs that use the board.

PS: You should not think or talk of arduino digital outputs as '5 volts' and 'no power', but rather as HIGH and LOW logic levels.