Problem with replies

I've run into a problem when attempting to reply to a post. After writing my reply, I hit the "post" button, and then the system just hangs -- so my reply never goes through. The same thing happens if I try to preview the reply before posting it. I have no problem starting a new thread, just replying to an existing one. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Rob Rothman

Are you using IE10 or IE11?

Since the system won't let me "reply" I had to start a new topic to reply to Steinie's question in response to my earlier post. The answer is that I'm using IE 11.


I'm having similar issues with IE8. I use "quick reply" down at the bottom.


I now see that I don't have the problem if I use Chrome (which is how I'm replying to this message). However, I don't see a "quick reply" button -- just a row of buttons which includes "reply" (which doesn't work with IE).

Rob Rothman

I have IE11 and it won't work on this site. So I got Firefox just to use here. It works fine. However there is still something wrong somewhere.

Go into Profile, Look & Layout, turn on Quick Reply as a default.

After many many years I give up, no more IE Changed to Crome no more problems!

I haven't been able to reply to post for three weeks using IE. Getting login issues when making replys. Just figured my account was banned as far as posting went (might have been, who knows). Firefox seems to be working tonight. Might try IE again to see if it now works too. Curious situation.

Well that is strange.

You are all saying you CAN NOT post a reply.

I just gone one and the guy bit my ear off. Saying he can't see my code - which is attached at the bottom of the post.


When I go to my thread, there is no visible reply.

So maybe the replies ARE being accepted but just not acknowledged.