Problem with RF24

I have build quite a few things using arduino, but when it comes to RF24, I am completely stumbeled. I have tried with several different arduino boards and a few sets of RF24 modules and several different versions of the RF24 library, but so far nothing is working.

My last try so far is using maniacbugs version of the RF24 library from I have connected the modules to two unos as described:

gnd - gnd
vcc - 3.3V

mosi - 11
miso - 12
sck - 13

scn - 8
ce - 9

(the latter as it is set up with radio(8,9) )

Then I run the pingpair_blocking sketch. When I set up the serial monitor to follow the transmitter, it looks like:

Now sending 559895...Got response 4294967295, round-trip delay: 559897
Now sending 560147...Got response 4294967295, round-trip delay: 560150
Now sending 560400...Got response 4294967295, round-trip delay: 560403
Now sending 560653...Got response 4294967295, round-trip delay: 560655
Now sending 560905...Got response 4294967295, round-trip delay: 560908

The receiver on the other side,
Got payload 0...Got payload 4294967167...Sent response.
Got payload 1212686336...Got payload 4294967167...Sent response.
Got payload 1476395008...Got payload 4294967167...Sent response.
Got payload 1749024768...Sent response.

From the receiver, I even get a lot of "Got payload" even if the sender is turned off.

So clearly, something is wrong somewhere. I have checked and rechecked that the connections are correct. but I am not able to find any mistakes anywhere. Any clues where to look further?

Oh, and by the way, I am using arduino ide 1.0.5 on a Debian Linux system if that matters.

I got my nRF24s working with this Tutorial. I suggest using TMRh20's RF24 library.


As you do not use pin 10 for the NRF, do you still define it as OUTPUT?
I learned that this is neccessary to let the Arduino to be SPI master.

Stable power supply is critical and often a capacitor on the power pin of the modules helps.

Modules very close to each other sometimes work better with less output power.

Thanks! The problem was the power supply, taking power from the 5V rail and using a 3.3V regulator did it! :slight_smile: - Most terrible debugging I've ever been through with both ends not working and no possibility to see if either of them was OK.

Off to do some real stuff with the nRF24s!

Check the CE and CSN pin definition. They appear reversed.

radio(8,9) should be CE and CSN.