problem with running from ground

I'm working through the examples of the 'earthshine design, arduino starter kit manual' doing all the examples. Everything is going fine, but the last 3 projects i had to get the power out of the 5v or 3.3v, the ground(s) (gnd) isn't working anymore.

everthing is correct, the code is good (my own code and the example code) but it will not run from gnd, just 5v and 3.3v

whats causing this suddenly?


I'm not sure what you mean when you say the ground isn't working: you always need both a +ve and the ground, so if the circuit shown is working, the ground must be ok.

well it doesnt work in this setup. i run the cable from ground to 5v and it works. Could this be due to the fact that i have 220ohm resistors instead of 150ohm as described in the manual?

i run the cable from ground to 5v

What does that mean?

You sure the LEDs are the right way round?

i mean i take the cable out of the ground and put it in the 5v. yes the leds are installed correct.