Problem with rxtxSerial serial_test.c Patch


I am using the wonderful patch that Erwin Ried developed for rxtxSerial that fixes the delays associated with bluetooth and serial ports. The patch works well and the delays experienced when using the Arduino IDE with bluetooth enabled go away. However, I have run into a slight change in behavior when using the Serial Monitor adn the patched rxtxSerial.dll and wanted to know if other people are seeing it.

With the version of rxtxSerial.dll that comes with the Arduino IDE when I reset the speed at the bottom of the Serial Monitor the sketch running on the Arduino resets. By resetting the speed what I am referring to is selecting the drop down with speed selections and then releasing on the speed that was being used before.

Using the patched version of rxtxSerial.dll this no longer happens.

I find this useful when debugging sketches.

Any ideas?



Reset is a side effect of the behavior of the old code. Old procedure is, for each com from com 1 to … open(, if can be opened = exists. This produces 2 things, 1) poor performance due the loop, 2) resetting all the connected boards. Patch only asks Windows for the com port enumeration.

If you explain me a little more your problem, maybe I can add the open/close routine to the ‘serial speed’ combobox in,118440.0.html for a future version.