Problem with sending an email through GoBetwino

I'm trying to send an email using my Arduino and the GoBetwino program. The Arduino code, GoBetwino email settings, GoBetwino command settings and the result can be viewed here : Sending an Email Through GoBetwino - Album on Imgur

As you can see, the email is not sent. The return value is -2 which should indicate a non-existant attachment. The problem is that the attachment exists. Even without attaching the file the return value is -2. Can anyone help me?

GoBetwino does not work with Gmail or any other web mail that requires ssl (HTTPS)

Since you're evidently running on Windows, you could use PowerShell or whatever other scripting framework you prefer to send the email for you - in PowerShell you can access the Net.Mail.SmtpClient class which supports SMTP over SSL.