Problem with Serial [solved]

Hi, I am new on arduino. And I have a problem!
I’m working with Serial, I wrote a code to execute different tasks if I insert different numbers.
But when I insert one number, I have to wait until it executes the whole part asked for this number and only then I can insert another one .
Except, what I really wanted is for the code to stop executing when I insert a new number, and start executing the new part right away!
I hope I was clear and I hope someone could help :slight_smile:

Here is my code for now (I am working on OTTO Bot if you are familiar with it _)

danceNum = Serial.parseInt();
case 1:
Serial.println(“PRIMERA PARTE”);
case 2:
Serial.println(“SEGUNDA PARTE”);
//for(int i=0;i<4;i++) servo*.SetPosition(90);*

  • servos();*
  • segunda_parte();*
  • break;*
  • case 3:*
  • Serial.println(“moon walk”);*
  • servos();*
    _ moonWalkLeft(4,t2);_
    _ moonWalkRight(4,t
  • break;*
  • case 4:*
  • Serial.println(“crusaito”);*
  • servos();*
    _ crusaito(1,t*8);_
  • break;*
  • case 5:*
  • Serial.println(“crusaito”);*
  • servos();*
    _ drunk(t*8);_
  • break;*
  • case 6:*
  • Serial.println(“crusaito”);*
  • servos();*
  • kickLeft(t);*
  • kickRight(t);*
  • break;*
  • default:*
  • Serial.print(“no dance was received”);*
  • }*
  • delay(500);*
    _ for(int i=0;i<4;i++) servo*.SetPosition(90);_
    _ for(int i=0;i<4;i++) servo.detach();
    //tone(buzzer,1000,2000);// tone of 1000 frequency for 2 seconds*
    * }*_

A) In that case, your functions should at least check Serial.available() once in a while and break off if characters are present. There may be other ways, but this may be the cleanest. Your functions may have to return a result that indicates that they did not complete because the user wanted to make a change.

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Your parts are causing delays, either in delay() calls or loops.

Put “if (Serial.available())return;” inside every loop.

Turn delay() calls into loops: delay(MILLISECONDS) becomes:

  for (unsigned long m = millis(); millis() - m < MILLISECONDS;) 
    if (Serial.available())

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Thanks… Tom… :slight_smile:

One you have read how to use the forum, check out this tutorial Serial Input Basics

Your parts are causing delays, either in delay() calls or loops.

Put "if (Serial.available())return;" inside every loop.

Thank you, it was very helpful . Problem solved