Problem with SPI comms using NodeMCU ver 3, Nano and SD

Recentrely I buy a NodeMCU 8266 ver 3 (LOLIN) and it works really fine, I set up a Catalex SD card module (with a 5-3.3V regulator built-in) and all was good, then I set the LOLIN with an arduino UNO and or a NANO working for SPI communications and all work properly, so when I try to put the LOLIN as master, and two slaves (a nano and a memory SD Card ) all working by SPI it does not work, if I set up the SD Card Vcc to 5 volts LOLIN can "see" it and initialize to start to work but the communication between LOLIN and NANO crash ( LOLIN can send the data but receive only trash, NANO can receive and consecuentely respond ) when I disconnect the SD Vcc cable the communications works.

So I try to remedy this situation using bidirectional level shifter and LOLIN be been fall frozen.

Any help is welcome

same question Problem with SPI comms using NodeMCU v 3, Nano and SD - Arduino Stack Exchange

Yes Sr. Same problem, same troubled man and looking for any help at Arduino and NodeMCU forums or tech support as doit or expressif.

On stackexchange I asked about the Slave Select connections