problem with station-accesspoint communication (Wemos D1 esp82266)

hello guys. I recently wrote two sketches for two Wemos d1s, that will make one of them an AP(access point) and the other, a Station. The whole thing is about the AP controling a LED on the station via sending a character to the station over esp8266. and I also want the station to be able to send characters to the AP and control AP’s LED wirelessly.
I got the first one right! which is the state that AP successfully turns on the LED on the Station. BUT …
the station CanNot do the same thing! I see no problem with the codes and they both are connected to each other. I would really use your help with my code and your recommendations.

my thought: Because the station can’t talk to the AP, there must be something wrong with the “//send section” of the station, OR the “//Get section” of the AP.

by the way, I read an article that said:

Make the station turn characters to string and send it to AP and make Ap transform those strings into characters and do the rest of the trick.

honestly, I couldn’t do this because I really don’t know what exactly I really have to code to do this.
If you have any idea related to my own code or the quote I put here, I’ll be more glad to check em out.

Peace! :wink:

‘My AP sketch and the station sketch are attached down here’

AP.ino (1.39 KB)

station.ino (1.63 KB)