Problem with supplying power to stepper motors [Solved]

What i want: I want to control 3 28byj-48 5VDC stepper motors with uln2003 driver board. And one servo motor. Im using Arduino Mega 2560.
Problem: I 5VDC external power supply to power the stepper motors. When i try to do that, there is not enough power (Im not running them at the same time). But when i connect the motors to the arduino, then there is enough power. But powering them without external power supply can damage the board.
What should i do?

parallel the external 5 volt voltage and the 5 volt voltage of the arduino, if possible, connect a 1watt 100ohm resistor to your stepper motors in series, this way both the current drawn from the circuit will decrease and less current will pass through the coil of your stepper motor.

You need an external power supply capable of supplying the required motor current at the recommended voltage. For example, a phone charger or power brick from a PC monitor could work well. Don't forget to connect all the grounds.

The Arduino 5V output is intended for LEDs, low power sensors, and the like. It should never be used for motors, servos or anything that draws more than a few milliAmperes.

I dont have a supply for that. The thing what i power the breadboard with has a usb port but it should not be used for supplying power, it should only be used for external devices

I used a breadboard power connector, powered from a power board with 4 x 240v and 4 x USB at 2.1 amp to drive a 28byj-48 5VDC stepper motors with uln2003 driver board. Connect 2.1 amp suppy to power the stepper thru the 5v/12v connector on the ULN2003. worked for me

I dont have that

The motors are for 5vdc so they shouldnt pull more power?

It's not the voltage that's the issue, it is how much current they draw, from what I have read the Arduino boards can only handle about 1 amp total.

How did i fix it?
First the drivers need to be connected to arduinos gnd and then connect them to negative rail. then it works.

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