Problem with tabs in Arduino IDE

Of course not you!!

The OP explained his dilemma in Reply 3:

The proper solution would have been for Mann03 to post a reply here with the code but I can see why asking someone else to post a zipped bunch of source files would be necessary.

I had missed that.

I'll remove the ban eventhough they wasted time...

Im sorry but i cant upload the zip because my accout was to young... i had no clue how long it will take to vertify my account. So i asked a friend if he can post the Question but with the file, that everybody can see the code.
I did not know that i takes only a few minutes so vertify my account.
Im so thankfull that you helped me and im verry sorry abbout this!

apology accepted.
I over-reacted as you had been transparent about the ask here (your friend could also have linked your post to avoid double work)

I agree that @hreinsch made an effort to explain the situation in this thread. The reason I had a problem was because I found the other topic first, only getting to this one after investigating and responding to the other.

Anyway, I am glad that @hreinsch's question has been answered.