Problem with the Arduino Micro and the nRF24L01+PA+LNA

Hello my question is
I need the conections for the Arduino Micro to the Pins from the nRF24L01
I know the conections of:

Arduino nRf
3,3V 3,3V
? CE

Thx for your fast help


CE (ChipEnable) a.k.a. SlaveSelect, goes to the pin of your choice. I don't think there is a defaut for the Leonardo/Micro.

IRQ would go to an interrupt pin if you want to respond to interrupts from the device. This is probably the way the slave device tells the master device (the Arduino) that a message has arrived and it's time to ask for the data.

I'm not sure what the CSN pin does.

 RF24 radio(9, 10); // CE, CSN  

Looks like CE is chip enable and CSN is chip select for SPI.

Both are used, at least in the library that was behind wherever I googled that line of code from.

My mentioning of google was like a hint. It is your friend, exercise your imagination and give it a try.


Yea but the problem is I get anser for Uno/Nano but not for the Micro

The answer is, most likely, "Whatever digital pin you have available."

A little quick Googling turned up this:

It says that the "CEN" pin is the Slave Select. The CE pin is used to switch between Transmit and Receive.

Use any pins you like. You just have to tell the library which pins you used.

ok and how i make this tell the libary whitch pin i use

Just look at the examples provided with the RF24 library you use.

Get a decent power supply for your NRF, it will not work from the Micros 3.3V.

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