Problem with the clock pin on LCD

Hi there.
Before all, sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native speaker.
I'm actually a french student working on a project, which involves the use of a LCD 4x20px, connected with the 434MHZ Receptor for Arduino, on a remote control. The emettor component is connected to the Arduino UNO.
The problem being this : our LCD Shield got I²C, so SCL and SDA, and the receptor got double DATA pin.
How can I connect these component one another ?
Ask me if more details are needed, I'm a rookie in electronics, really, even simple wiring are hard for me !
Really thank you :smiley:

... and the receptor got double DATA pin....

I have not been able to determine what you are describing here. Try to phrase this differently.


If you mean it has two outputs, you can't. I2C is a bidirectional bus, where all drivers are open drain. Unless your wireless module is bidirectional and the pins are open drain (unlikely), then you will need additional hardware to convert the I2C of the display into something compatible with the module (e.g. UART).

Post a link to descriptions/ datasheets of your components (other than the Arduino), and a diagram of how you propose to connect them.

Sorry about being late, I was having some exams sessions apart from the project so... It had been hard for me to look to answers regularly :s

My LCD looks like this one (not the same, but the pin are the same) :

And the Receptor module is this one :

I was about to connect GND to the other GND, both VCC on a battery, SDA on Data and SCL... I don't know ! That's why I'm here because every the things I tried didn't worked.
Thanks for your answer Tom Carpenter, but what is UART ? I read the Wiki on it, but I'm really rookie, I don't understand any of the sentances are written about this. How does it work ?
Thank you all for your answers btw !

… and the receptor got double DATA pin.

The data sheet for your receptor (receiver) shows that the two data pins are connected together. This means that you can use either one.


RF 434 Mhz Receiver datasheet.pdf (296 KB)