Problem with the connection Arduino LoLinV3 with Siemens Logo! 8 and Settimino


Hello everybody,

I would like to connect sensors to an Arduino and evaluate them on a Siemens Logo! 8. Unfortunately I am having problems connecting the Arduino and the Logo! 8. As far as I understood, I actually followed the instructions. Unfortunately I cannot connect to the logo. In the Arduino's printlog is connected to Wifi, a suitable IP and Disconnect. "Error No. 0x2
SEVERE ERROR, disconnecting.
"When I switch off the PLC sometimes" Error No. 0x4
SEVERE ERROR, disconnecting.
"I have already changed the TSAP and back and forth but without success. Ping from PC to Logo! 8 and Arduino ok. Ping from Logo! 8 to Arduino OK. What else can it be? Initially, the Logo and Arduinio project Hope for help from you guys - thank you.

I wrote this with a translator. Please excuse the grammar :slight_smile:

StatusDemo_angepasst_60.ino (5.56 KB)

Logo Test1 FUnk Adruino (7.56 KB)

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