Problem with the feed

Hi to everyone

I have a RFID acces control connected on a databse to retrieve the authorized users and log and It works fine, but just when It’s connected on a PC. I’d like to connect it using a PC feed. I made my own welding with the DC connector, and the Arduino works fine. After its setup, I put a RFID key into the RFID sensor and till here all OK. The Arduino goes to the database to compare the data, and then if the identificaction was succesully, it opens the door. OK, here it goes the second time, I put again the tag, and misteriously, Arduino has stopped working. At this moment, I have to restart it if I want that it works again. With the USB port works fine, and the PC supply, feed it with 12V by the DC connector.

Does anyone know what’s the problem with it?? Thanks a lot!

Hard to know what the problem is without seeing your program.

What do you mean by "PC feed"?

"Welding" is the high temperature technique for joining sheets of steel. I suspect that is not what you meant.


Right now I can’t send u the programm, I’m out.

Sorry If you can’t understand me, I’m not a native English.

I wanted to mean a DC coonector made by me.

erdia: I wanted to mean a DC coonector made by me.

What is the connector for? Can you post a diagram showing the connections? See this Simple Image Guide

Post the program when you get the opportunity