Problem with the scripting environment

Hi, I am very new to the Arduino and the scripting editor. Please forgive the silly question.

I have multiple files in the sketch and want to call across files. I get this error :-

error: 'inBuffer' was not declared in this scope

How do I declare variables that is visible to all files?

In one file define the variable, say "int foo;"

In the other files simply declare the variable as "extern int foo;"

Objects and structures/unions usually are declared in a header file (bar.h) which should be included by the other source code files (.pde, .cpp, .c). Again, the definition occurs in one source file and declared, again with extern, in the others.

Hope that helps. -Rusty-

Rusty, Ahh! I now how that works. Thanks a lot.

What I did not mention is that I have not coded for about ten or twelve years. Things really changed a lot since then but I am a quick learner ::)

Glad yer a quick learner.... you really don't wanna know what we do around here to those slow people. :-D

Just holler if you have anymore questions!


Rusty, Yeh, I did read the forum a bit and noticed. Thanks man the code is compiling and now I can concentrate on the real problems.

Just for some background. I am writing a front end in VB and a CNC controller in C for the Arduino. The Arduino does the real time stuff and the VB front end does the GUI.