Problem with Uno WiFi Dev Edition sending data to MySql server

Hi, I currently have an Arduino Uno Wifi Developer Edition board for my project. I am supposed to use this board to send sensors data to a mysql server.

I have been researching for weeks and I still could not find any tutorial for the above requirement. I saw a thread reply saying that I should flash a Wifi link firmware and then be able to use that library, but I am worried that after flashing it I still am not able to use the Wifi link library to send data from my uno wifi to the mysql server.

If anyone has a complete tutorial or able to guide me please do, I am very new to this.

Any help is means the everything to me.

@v_chinnici, this is about the old Uno WiFi. do you really want it here in Rev2 topic?

Yes, let's keep this forum section specific to the rev2 please.