Problem with "unread posts" link?

I visit the Arduino forums about every couple of days, and click on the "unread posts" link under the search field. It only shows me a few posts (like 3 or 5) but when I go into the forums, I see lots of new posts since I visited the last time.

Should I expect to see all of the new posts and new replies since the last time I visited? This is how the same button on other bboards works.

Thanks - Steven

Mine seems to work fine, but then I visit here at least once a day, clicking the "unread posts" link probably about 5 times. :grin:

Seems to work fine for me also. I've come back, hit it and received 5 pages of unread postings.


I think I found out more on this problem.

Usually I go to the top-level forum link, and then I click on "unread posts." Apparently when I go to the top level forum link, it resets my time-of-last-visit to now, then when I click on the unread posts link, it shows me the new posts since a few seconds ago (which are usually none).

As a test, I bookmarked the unread posts link, When I waited an hour (with no forum window open), then went to my bookmark and went right to the link above, it showed me what I would expect.

Other forums don't seem to have this limitation - maybe there is a delay of a certain time before the "last visited" time is reset.

In any case, I will visit the "unread" posts via the direct bookmark.

-- Steven