Problem With Uploading Code Permanently In Arduino Uno

hello! i hve purchased arduino uno recently the problem with my arduino is that i can't hold the sketch as the power goes down or i un-plug the arduino power, every time i have to upload sketch then it starts working!! can any one help me to troubleshoot this problem?

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What Arduino? Please don't use all caps in the thread heading.

try uploading the bootloader first. Then again upload your sketch. Then report us again if you face the issue. The bootloader may have some errors. try reuploading the bootloader first.

can i do that using my arduino Uno ? or i need any other hardware to burn bootloader ?

I am a newbie too.. There must be plenty of procedures of burning the bootloader. Do you have any one of them..?

  1. Usbasp programmer..?
  2. Another arduino board..?

process 1,

Process 2,

hope that helps... Update your progress regarding the bootloader issue in your next post.

Go through these links too... they might be useful to you.,151021.0.html,150989.0.html

Initially I was facing the same issue of bootloading. I had only a Usbasp programmer & Arduino IDE. The issue is solved not. The solution is in the abovementioned threads.