problem with uploading sketch using ArduinoCommander application to arduino uno

I am working on a project that includes the use of ArduinoCommander application. I have connected the Android Phone v4.2.2 to the Arduino Uno via OTG Host cable and USB Host A-Host B cable. I am also supplying external power supply of 9V to the Arduino. I am facing problem with uploading sketch to arduino using this application. The problem is when I tap discover devices button under USB devices no response is shown up by the application i.e. it is not identifying my Arduino Uno even though it is supported by the application. I also tried changing the baud rates but it was of no use. Then I tried another application i.e. USB Device info and it is detecting my Arduino Uno which proves there is no problem with the Android phone.I am trying to get the source code of this application so that I can make any changes , is it possible?
So if anyone can help me solve my problem.Any kind of suggestions are welcome.