Problem with using more than one ct by using Multiplexer

I am trying to use two AC current sensors ZMCT103C and connect them to Nodemcu through a multiplexer. Is there anybody who has tried such a project?

You will get better and faster help if you read and follow the tips in the how to get the most from the forum post.

Tell us what you have tried and the results.
Post a schematic of how the wiring should be.
Post photos of how the wiring really is.
Post your code. Use the IDE autoformat tool (ctrl-t or Tools, Auto format) before posting code in code tags.

Be sure to put "sampling resistor" on each ZMCT103C device. If you leave the leads open a very nasty voltage can develop, the ratio is 1000:1. Post a preliminary schematic on how you plan on interfacing to the multiplexer, the output will be AC.

I don't see how ZMCT103C modules with LM358 chips could work with a 3.3volt processor.
That's a 5-volt only board.

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