Problem with xbee series2

Hello everyone! I'm newcomer in the "forum". I face the following problem I want to connect my "arduino" with my computer wirelessly , so I bought the following items:

I had connect the first xbee with my usb explorer and while i was trying again and again to set it right with X-CTU Software, suddenly, xbee ceases to communicate with my computer. After that, the modem is not communicating with my computer ... X-CTU says "Unable to communicate with modem"... Is my xbee dead? How can restore it?

I've had this happen a few hundred times. For me, kill XCTU, unplugging the USB adapter and plugging it back in, then trying it again usually fixes the problem. There are two other possibilities that come to mind.

  1. You changed the baud rate so that they can't talk
  2. You have API mode enabled on one and not the other.

I've done both of those a few hundred times each. So, look at the choices in XCTU and play with them. Try API mode first, that's the one I usually mess up. These options are on the first screen that come up when you start XCTU.

There is nothing! I tried everything! I also noticed that the Led's which are connected to pin's "ON/SLEEP" and "AD05/ASSC" are flashing too late. I could never understand how these machines work :disappointed_relieved:...

I repaired it. I was ready to do it keychains... When sending data from the program, I did reset several times quickly.

CONGRATULATIONS ! Good job. Not giving up has saved many of us from having new keychains.

:sweat_smile: THANKS draythomp!!!