Problem with XBee Shield 'Simple Example'

I'm having trouble with getting the Simple Example ( for communication between two Arduino's with XBee shields.

The trouble I'm having is that the sender seems to be sending out the 'H' and 'L' in the code properly (they show up in the Serial Monitor and they seem to show up on the voltage meter when hooked to pin 3 (DIN) of the XBee module). However, while the receiver is receiving the same (it shows up on the voltage meter when hooked to pin 2 (DOUT) of the XBee module), the Physical LED code sample fails to turn the LED on and off. I assume this is because it doesn't recognize the received bytes as 'H' and 'L'.

I tried sending the byte taken from the Serial buffer again, so they show up on the serial monitor and I get the following sequence:
152, 224152, 128152, 224152, 128152, ad infinitum

Clearly, the bytes in the buffer don't match up with what I think I was sending. Any ideas on where this is going wrong?


Figured out the problem.

I looked a bit closer and noticed that the sender was transmitting a signal in half the time it took the receiver to receive it. So after a bit of calculation, it turned out the the Zigbee modules were set to different baud rates (19200 and 9600 respectively). Not resetting Zigbee modules after you're done with them should fall under the Geneva convention.

Thanks to those who took the time to ponder this. Now to see if I can perform distance measurements with Zigbees.