Problem with XBEE shield

Hi ,

I have this XBEE shield and it used to work like charm communicating with other xbee connected to USB adapter, but all of a sudden , the XBEE on the arduino shield refuses to work . I try test with XCTU tells me "unable to communicate with modem". I tried the XBEE itself on the adapter and it's working , also the arduino board is working fine . The led on the shield is flashing .. so what can be the problem ?

I have this XBEE shield

That one? Ooh, too bad. You need this other one.

Paul always uses that other shield, but I prefer the 3rd revision designed by those other guys instead.

i will tell u what , why dont u shove all those shields up ur smart asses SOB's

anyway , the shield is ArduinoXbee v1.1, the arduino is UNO and the Xbee is Pro S2B , I would appreciate if someone could help or just shut up

i will tell u what , why dont u shove all those shields up ur smart asses SOB's

Norman Vincent Peale wrote a book called "How to Win Friends and Influence People". Apparently, you've never read it.

The gentle ribbing was to get you to post a link to the shield.

Have fun Paul, I have other things to do.

Please everybody take a deep breath and start over. I think we all have good intentions here, and sometimes when we are limited to text gentle humor is easily misunderstood.

Let's all give everyone the benefit of the doubt and start over, shall we?

Naserco: I'm not familiar with this device, but one thing that comes to my mind when serial comms are involved is that sometimes I forget and use the TX and RX pins as digital IO for other components. Any chance this is going on?

sorry guys i got harsh :) this project just stresses me out ... no hard feelings please

Thanks michael for ur reply but this is not the case ... anyway I tried the transciever again (without testing the transmitter with XCTU ) and the receiver is receiving correct data (which wasnt the case before, so i guess my problem is solved although XCTU still gives me (unable to communicate with modem) ... thanks all and sorry again