Problem with Xbee + Shield

I have a big problem,

I am using Arduino UNO + Xbee Shield (liberium) + Xbee Pro Digimesh.

Program the Arduino normally, but when I insert the shield. Pin 13 is blinking and nothing happens. When I open the X-CTU and click on Test / Query, the XBee starts. When I reset the Arduino, the problem returns. Has anyone had any similar problem? The strange thing is I have 3 kits, two are taking a problem and ones works normally.

Thanks to those who can help me.

Thats odd, looking at the schematic of the shield itself and it doesn't appear to have anything to do with the 13pin where a program would cause the issue.

I would probably just try every possible set up. have the shield on when you start the arduino, put the shield on when the arduino is on, program the arduino and the put the shield on, just try that out. Although, don't do that just yet, wait for another person to suggest it b/c there may be some issues with the power and such that could damage your arduino if you do that.