problematic PIR sensor

I have 2 HC-SR501 PIR sensors that I’m using in a project, 1 sensor is behaving as desired and 1 is not. Testing both sensors with continued motion I have this issue; The working PIR sensor goes high when motion is detected and stays high with continued motion(great!). The problematic sensor is going high and then proceeds to go low after the trim pot set timeout(~2 seconds) and then will not go high again for another ~10 seconds. Has anyone seen this behavior for what could possibly be a defective sensor?

There is a pin (jumper) to be set/reset to alter behaviour. Retriggable or not. Now the are set differently on your sensors. info

pin settings: H: Repeat Trigger L: Single Trigger

Well this is odd, I just verified that both sensors pins are set to L. So the "problem" sensor is behaving as it should be according to the pin settings and the one that I thought was working fine is actually the sensor that is not working properly(according to the pin settings). Regardless, my setup is working correctly now. Thanks.