problème esp8266 et arduino

hello ! i have an ESP8266 it was working fine with 3.3v ! yesterday i made an error ! i wired it with 5v and not 3.3v ! now it only works with 5v ! if i wire it with 3.3v it won't work !!

can any one have an explanation or a solution ! thanks !

I think your ESP8266 is broken. The ESP is not able for use on 5V.

Is the red power LED still Burning when put on 3.3V? If YES, what is not working?

An other problem could be that it get's not enough current. The red LED will turn on, but the ESP will not work.

i’m runnig it with 5v from my arduino and still works fine !

it used to work when i run it with an external 3.3v (lm1117) but now it won’t !

If you say it works fine with 5V, i would use it insted of 3.3V.

but i'm woried if it burns after a while !