Problems about RFID Read/write station

Hi everyone,

I have problem about communication with RFID IQT-F116-R4M-V1 (Pepperl+Fuchs).

Actually, I can’t communicate with this device. I think the Command Systems in this manual is not clear. For example, I want to get advice address by command GA , but I don’t understand the legend ( what is type of this checksum? How to determine this character?) .

What should I do in order to communicate with this device? I attached my code, the manual and a picture to describe my connection.
The manual here

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#define RX        10  //Serial Receive pin
#define TX        11  //Serial Transmit pin
#define Control          2   //RS485 Direction control

#define sendCmd      HIGH
#define receiveCmd     LOW

#define Pin13LED         13
SoftwareSerial RS485(RX, TX); // RX, TX

char byteReceived;
char byteSend;
String command;

void setup()   
  pinMode(Pin13LED, OUTPUT);   
  pinMode(Control, OUTPUT);      

void loop()  
    digitalWrite(Control, sendCmd);     //send command
    digitalWrite(Control, receiveCmd);    //stop to send

    char c =;