Problems communicating arduino with ableton or fl studio

Hi all, english is not my native language, sorry about my grammar.
I,m using an arduino uno to try to enable serial-midi communication with ableton, i have used the hairless midi bridge and loopmidi and they seem to works well, fl studio and ableton detect both the loopmidi port , the midi activity displays of the programas blink cause midi is being sent by arduino.

But my problem is that i cant make any sound , i have tryed with different codes , with and without midi librari but i have always the same problem(ableton and fl studio recieve midi but i cant make any sound)
If anyone could solve this problem…midi messages are going throught arduino to hairless midi , loopmidi and ableton or fl studio well but i cant make any sound.
My problem is in the code or in the audio software(fl and ableton) configuration?
Thanks all

note: in fl studio in the premade set, kick ,hat and clap virtual light displays are showing green lights like midi data is acting on them but really no one notes or anything is being touched, if i put it in record anything is recorded, and of course anything sounds.

All you can say would help thanks

Hairless midi+loopmidi

Midi signals aproach to ableton and fruity loops but they dont really work

The testing code:
#include <MIDI.h>

void setup()

MIDI.begin(4); // Launch MIDI and listen to channel 4

void loop()

MIDI.sendNoteOn(42,127,1); // Send a Note (pitch 42, velo 127 on channel 1)


If you're receiving MIDI data to live or fl then arduino is working fine. Do you have a MIDI keyboard to test the programs? The pictures are too small to see anything. Did you assign correctly the instruments in the programs?

Also, you should change your Arduino code, sending always the same note on with a delay without a note off doesn't make sense. That'll just make note 42 always sound, and never get released. Add

MIDI.sendNoteOff(42, 0, 1);

after the note on event