Problems communicating IMU MPU9150 to Arduino Micro


I am having problems communicating the MPU9150 to the Arduino Micro. I am using a logic level converter as the Arduino runs at 5V while the sensor runs at 3.3V. I read in some places that I might not need it but I thought it’s just better to have one in place.

Logic Level Converter -
MPU9150 IMU Sensor -
Arduino Micro -

Here are my connections:

ARDUINO <> Logic Level Converter <> MPU9150
5V <> HV <> N/A
3.3V <> LV <> N/A
GND <> GND (Both) <> N/A
A4 <> Chan1 Tx <> SDA
A5 <> Chan2 Tx <> SCL
GND <> N/A <> GND
3.3V <> N/A <> VCC

I also have two 4.7k pull up resistors on the A4 and A5 on the Arduino connected to 5V and two 10k pull up resistors on the SCL and SDA on the IMU connected to 3.3V.

I have NOT connected anything on the IMU INT or AD0 pins.

I am running a standard I2C scanner code found here:

My Arduino is unable to talk to the IMU :frowning: I also tried this config with a friends IMU (which was confirmed to work) and it did not work with that either.

Is there something I am missing here? Please advise.

Yes, something missing. The I2C pins are not on A4 and A5 (that is for the ATmega328p), but on digital pin 2 and 3.

The Micro is like the Leonardo.

That solved it. Thanks!!