Problems constructing your project

Hi guys;
I would like to start a new tread about problems / difficulties constructing your projects.

It is not about why the project did not work or the code did not work, it is about why I am having difficulties placing that nut on that screw for example, or I having a hard time to remove that wire or having a hard time to connect tht wire, or drilling hole in a box, etc.

Anything regarding Murphy’s Law giving you a hard time.

Today for example, I am building my Foot Switch turning on/off the dremel tool ( AC control ) and it work just fine. I was having problem with the screw and nut ( putting together ) , placing the switch ( tight with 16 AGW wire ), placing electrical tape, removing the insulation of the wire ( AC wire ) , to cut them, ect… ← I am just ranting here.

Sometime, I feel Murphy’s Law trying to get me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I know I am not a pro at this, but man… I wonder if you guys having issues building your projects and Murphy’s Law try to get you. What about the pro ? Having problems too… my guess is no… or yes… I feel that I am the only one having problem.

Here an another one… about 19 years ago, I was constructing a 5, -5, Positive variable, Negative variable PSU… the wires connected to the power by-pass transistors ( the connectors ) was not insulated properly, and I press the on switch to test… Well…Just say my display board was “toasted”… a hole inside the 7400, a crack at the 555, flame came out from the 7404…
and that was not “magic smoke” it was “BBQ”…

Oh, I could go through the steps when I started building my 3D printer...

First I ordered the best parts I could find... Turned out the guy who normally made them was too busy, and I then got them from somewhere else, and nothing fit together. Along with the plastic parts, I ordered a complete hardware set, with all nuts, bolts and springs needed... Where it turned out the bolts were not all correct, some were missing, and the springs didn't fit the bolts and nuts either... I got some new parts from him, who didn't fit together either, so I started drilling new holes and so with a hand drill... Then my stepper motors were delayed for two weeks When I finally got the things put together, the arduino mega 2560 died without reason I changed to a 1280 and it worked, but then the hotend (the thing that melts and extrudes the plastic) broke after just 15 minutes of use. After that I then got a hotend from someone else, and the mounting plate for that then broke when I tried to use it for the first time I then made one in aluminium, and tried again... A whole 30 minutes of printing, the 1280 then lost serial... and it then started to be unreliable, so I ordered a new one. Finally! Printing! After a few hours of printing (10-15) my printer started to shake more and more while doing small infills, and I then saw that the plastic parts I got for it (yes the ones that didn't fit properly the first time) were starting to fall apart.

Then two weeks ago, I could suddenly no longer make ABS plastic stick to a 110c hot glass plate, which I had been able to for months. Then when I started to make it stick again, my hotend stopped working properly. After changing hotend, the extruder (the thing that pushes the plastic down into the hotend) started slipping in the gears. Tightened the gear some more, and it then started to digg into the filament instead. To make it work, I now have to print 100c higher than I did before... Before I printed ABS at 220c, now I am printing at 310c, and both a thermocouple and IR thermometer verifies that temperature within +/-5c

A 3D printer... impressive project. It look like you where attacked by Murphy's Law. A least you get your project to work at the end. I was feeling I was the only one, I guess I was mistaken... :~

I think those problems are there to teach us a lesson. :roll_eyes: