Problems Downloading Arduino Software

I just purchased an Arduino board and decided to download the development environment software. I am running Vista Home Premium OS, so I clicked on the Windows link found on the web page:

Nothing happens. I am able to download only the Linux package using a click action.

If I right click and select “save link as…”, I am able to download a file called, but it is corrupt and cannot be opened. I have tried this several times and get different file sizes. In general, I have had no download problems using this computer and OS. It appears to be Arduino links.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem may be? Well, actually, does anyone have an idea what the solution may be :)?

Tom Harper

FWIW, I just downloaded the win zip file and it looks fine. Must be something to do with your system.

Thanks for trying the download. I just tried using IE for the download rather than Mozilla Firefox (my default browser) and got the file no problem. I’ll have to look at my Firefox configuration. Interesting that it will initial download on one of the links, but not the others. Thanks again.

Good to hear you got the file. Have fun!