Problems for pairing bluetooth dongle to Arduino and PS3 controller

Hello, I am a beginner with arduino bluetooth communication. I really tried to get communication between my arduino and PS3 controller working but failed. Im using an Arduino UNO R3

Im using a Sparkfun USB Host Shield and a cheap dongle from china. From what i see on youtube videos like (Fast forward to 15:33). My serial monitor only displays the first line of "PS3 Bluetooth Library Started".

Another problem i face is when i plug my PS3 controller to my arduino. In this video (Fast forward 1:35), his PS3 controller lights didnt light up, however mine did. Correct me if I am wrong but i have this feeling my Arduino is drawing power from my PS3 controller. Im unable to power my PS3 controller (when plugged into arduino)

P.S Its the first time Im seeking help on a forum, forgive me if im not doing anything correctly.