Problems installing USB Driver

Hello, I am attempting to setup the new install of arduino for many computers using command lines which I will be using via SCCM. The problem is withe USB driver. In the previous versions I have exported the certificate for the driver and used certmgr to add to root and trusted publishers that way you don't get the install message during install for the drivers. This is not working on one driver in this version. The problem is with the arduino-org driver. The other ones work but although I verify that the certificates are in both Trusted Root Certification Authorities and Trusted Publishers, it still prompts to install everytime. We are using Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise.

Any assistance would be appreciated

Thanks Tom

Sounds like you are trying to installing something from Perhaps you should try the forums there. is not affiliated with

I'm seeing this exact problem. With regard to the reply saying this is a "something from" (not that I fully appreciate the difference), the driver in question is part of the Arduio 1.6.5 r5 package from

So what we're seeing is that

1) The "Arduino srl" certificate is pre-populated in the local computer's trusted publishers certificate store 2) The Arduino is plugged in. 3) Windows identifies that the arduino-org.inf references the correct driver. As a side note the driver files are located on a network share. 4) Windows prompts to install the driver questioning if "Arduinio srl" is a trusted source despite the certificate being added at step 1.

We're needing to do this as we're a university and a) students aren't admins so can't install drivers themselves and b) the classes could take place in any one of a large number of labs.

We didn't have this with the previous drivers we used (from 1.0.5) but these don't support the boards now in use. The drivers from the v1.7.7 also exhibit the same results.

Any suggestions welcome.


install KB2921916 prior everything silent install 100% working