problems loading ATtiny files

I am trying to load the ATtiny file to my Arduino files so i can program an ATtiny 85 microcontroller. I have downloaded the ATtiny files. Then i extracted the files from the zip folder. The next part is where i get confused all of the tutorials have been for a mac and i am using a PC. I open the sketchbook folder and create a hardware file put the ATtiny files in the folder and i can not get the ATtiny to show up in the boards menu in the sketch program. I would really like to be able to do this because i want to be able to keep my projects and not have to keep hooking up the Arduino everytime.

If you use this core:

you wil find installation instructions in the readme file (for Windows)

I did everything up till this step. I am not sure what this means or how to do it. It must have been writen for someone with more computer skills than i have.

  • Open the "boards.txt" file and change both of the "upload.using" entries to the appropriate value for your setup. Following from the examples above, the file would be here...

I got it to work thank you for your help. :D

Now that i have all of the files loaded into Arduino for the attiny chips i am having problems programming the chips i am getting an error coad that reads avrdude: skt500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x18. any idea what i may have done wrong?

Are you using Arduino Uno as ISP How are the Attiny wired to Arduino Are you using version 1.0 Do you usee a 10µF cap from reset to ground on Arduino

Take a look at this thread,111683.0.html