Problems making project for Sam3X8E?

I have attached a pdf of the tutorial I followed to try to get to upload a pure c project to the ARM sam3x8e in the arduino due. It seems the tutorial is a bit old because I think it uses an older version of the arduino application.

What this tutorial is doing is creating a development environment by taking parts from the arduino application(BOSSA for uploading, CMSIS for ARM library calls, and so on…) for you to use on the command line.

The fiddling script throws an error once it reaches the end, when it tries to make the project. It says it can’t find a certain file and then it throws a make syntax error. I have looked through the makefile and have not seen an error.

If you want to recreate this error you can delete the due directory and re-run the fiddling script. It will try to make at the end and throw the error, another way to do it (since it’s just a makefile error) is to go to the example project inside of …/install/due/example and type “make clean” and then “make all”. It will throw the same error.

I think the error either resides within the makefile …/install/due/make/ as a syntax error. Or due to the fact that this tutorial is based on an old version of the arduino app and needs to be adjusted.

There is a picture of the error in the attachments aswell.

programming sam3 controller from console.pdf (906 KB)


looks like gcc is trying to compile the gcc file.

hhhm, that tutorial looks interesting. the error message looks pretty cryptic and looks like gcc messed up when printing it..

i recently did the makefile thing myself, totally isolated from this tutorial posted here. it's not as generalized as what i see here, but easier to understand (no fiddling script) and might work for you when you adapt it to use your own code. some info: