Problems NodeMCU+Blynk+IFTTT

Hello, I am new to the forum in English, Well I will comment on my problem, I started a home automation project for my house, it consists of controlling a relay with nodemcu (ESP8266), which is quite simple, the problem arose when I wanted to control all the project via the google assistant (voice commands), through IFTTT, the configuration is quite simple the problem arises with the pins, since the pin I have set in Blynk works perfect from the app, but when I add that pin to IFTTT activates any relay.

The problem would be the following:

The project works well, responds to the commands perfectly, the problem is that to pin D1 (gpi05) of the nodeMCU board, I have to assign pin D4 to the url
(http: // ip / mitocken / update / D4), and so with all the pins and some do not work. and I don't find it logical.

If someone happened and could solve it, I would appreciate the help.

Thanks a lot.

Which board was selected in the IDE?

nodemcu v2 pinmapping are outputting to the wrong pins #584

hello rtek1000, I found the solution to my nodemcu, for it to work I have to put the real pinout of my board, example: in D0 (GP16) in the IFTTT I must put D16, if I use D1 (GP5) I must put D5 and so with all pin.
I think there may be a problem with the firmware of my board.

Thank you very much, and I end the topic.

Thanks, if you can please add [Solved] to the topic title to prevent others from opening the topic to try to help.