Problems parsing JSON response

I`m trying to decode this HTTP response from a server:
{"ticker":{"base":"ETH","target":"USD","price":"3394.01838983","volume":"990208.23344735","change":" - 21.93428294"},"timestamp":1631107324,"success":true,"error":""}

Whatever I try, using JSON I`m getting an error "inconsistent user-defined literal suffixes 'ticker' and 'base' in string literal".

Can someone advise what Im doing wrong, and how to extract the data? As the response length varies (prices increase/decrease) I cant do it by fixed position.

Thanks in advance...

I think You need to show how that decoding is done now.
Also take a look at the first post telling how to use this forum, how to get the best ofrom this forum. Most helpers are not psychic fortune tellers.

Are you using ArduinoJson?

Please post your code.

After playing again all morning I got it working... Issue was I didn`t notice it was all sub data of Ticker.


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