Problems reading data from a sensor

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to receive in my pc the data taken from a sensor. The sensor transmitts in RS232. I've been able to see the right sensor measures using a DB9 cable directly from the sensor to the pc. This measures have to be something like this:

FA FF 32 36 [36 bytes of data] Checksum

However when I try to see this same data using my arduino bluetooth, it doesn't work. What I'm doing is connect the sensor to the arduino board trough a max232 (to adjust voltage levels) and then, from the arduino send the data to the pc with the bluetooth. This is what i keep receiving in my pc:

FA FF 99 9B [more bytes]

These 99 9B have no sense, it's not defined in the sensor documentation so i assume it's a problem because of the transmission trough my arduino. I can't figure out why i receive the 2 first bytes (FA FF) as they should be, but then the rest of the measure fails.

I'm using this code:

    void loop()
    if (Acelerometro.available()) {
    Serial.print(, BYTE);

Maybe it's a problem with the program, maybe i'm using Serial.print the wrong way (I have tried with HEX, DEC... instead of BYTE but i still receive the same). Any help will be welcome, anything that you think i may be doing wrong.