Problems running sketches

I need help with a problem running Arduino AVR sketches.

I updated Arduino from 1.8.13 to 1.8.15, and now have a problem running Nano sketches that worked on 1.8.13 but not on 1.8.15.

The sketches compile and upload with no errors but won’t run, I went into preferences, and made verbose active on upload and rerun the sketch and it now uploads and runs as it should.

Is there something that i’ve done incorrectly when downloading 1.8.15, or is there something that has to be done to correct the problem.

This problem happens only on UNO and Nano sketches, not on ESP8266 or ESP32 sketches.

I await your answers.

Does blink shows the problem as well or is it only with your code ?

Blink doesn't work unless you have verbose on for uploading.

You mean you can’t upload unless if verbose is on? Or that it does not blink?

File uploads no errors and it doesn't blink, put on verbose run the sketch again and it blinks.
If the blink sketch is run on esp8266 or esp32 with out verbose sketch runs normal, it only happens when using uno or nano.

That’s really weird !
Are you 100% sure the upload works ?

The blink sketch is the one in the built-in-examples that comes with arduino download

Yes. But do you really see download complete when not in verbose mode?

I don't know what has happened but now it all works as it should, could have been a system problem???, thanks for your help.

Glad it’s fixed

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