Problems sending data over GPRS

I finally have a mostly successful sketch running an sm5100b board and connecting to the network. The problem I am running into is that it seems a successful transmission of data is intermittent. On my server port 81 is opened using the nc command which just echos any data sent to the port. on the arduino I am running the following AT commands


"AT+CGPCO=0,\"\",\"\", 1"


"AT+SDATACONF=1,\"TCP\",\"\",81" // using my real ip



Pause for 3 seconds



once the data is sent, i either get no response code or sometimes i get +SOCKSTATUS: 1,1,0102,0,0,0 which seems to be the case whether I am receiving data from the server or not. most of the time however I never see any data at the server that is listening on port 81.

Hey, could you give me the code you used to send those AT commands? Thanks!