problems serial port connection arduino nano every

dear Arduino community,

i recently bought the new arduino nano every boards, for a big installation that im working on. but now i have a problem with having a stable connection through its serial port.

im using 4 nano every boards and am currently working from my macbook pro with usb c. to connect al the boards i have a usb c dongle. this doesn't create any problem for me when im using uno and mega, but when every is plugged in there is a terrible connection to the boards. the power is fine and stable but the connection is lost every 5 seconds to the serial port and it they never show all 4 together. im wondering if im doing something wrong or if its maybe the problem with the every..

thanks in advance :slight_smile: and if you maybe need more info on the work or how its connected let me know im happy to share.

Maarten Keus