Problems to control 12-bit DAC (LTC1458) with Due via SPI Bus

Dear Community,

I’m a beginner with the arduino programming. :cold_sweat:

I would like to control a 12-bit DAC LTC1458L (2.5V output and quad channel) from LT via SPI with my Arduino Due. On every output should come out a different voltage, e.g DACA 1.4V, DACB 1.0V… I use the DAC as offset to find the right voltage of 1.65V.

I know that the DAC need a 48 bit string. Proberly, I have similar problems like the guy with the LTC1454 but he doesn’t release his code.

Can somebody help me?

Thank you in advance.


LTC1458L.ino (1.45 KB)

What values do you measure? What exactly is your problem?

I would expect that only output D has a voltage of slightly over 1.35V.

Provide a wiring diagram!