Problems to start programming Arduino BT using an Android phone


I want to program my arduino BT using an android-phone. I looked at this link:

I need to install Amarino - Android Application and MeetAndroid - Arduino Library

I think I hav installed "Amarino - Android Application" correctly, but I don't know how to add the MeetAndroid - Arduino Library. In the instructions it's said that it needs to be extracted into your Arduino sketches directory (your_arduino_sketches_dir/libraries/MeetAndroid).

What does that mean? How do I do this?

Thanks for answers :D

Bump =)

If you are on a Mac, but it here: /Users/si/Documents/Arduino/libraries

but substitute your name for 'Si'

I'm sure Windows and Linux users will tell you where to put it too ;)

Uhm, isn't the point to add the library on the android-phone, not on the computer?

I want to program the Arduino using my Android, not my computer. Or should I do something on the computer first?

Why reinvent the wheel? :) Just use ArduinoCommander app -

I don't think you program the Arduino using Amarino. It looks like you still use the Arduino IDE to write sketches, and Amarino provides a library that interfaces with the Android app that they provide.