Problems transfering data via USB drim a MEGA ADK

I have been trying to solve this problem for many days, with a Mega ADK, using it as a USB host. The object is to process data from a telephone modem, which connects to the Mega ADK via USB. I have been testing by connecting another computer running a terminal program via a USB to serial converter. I have tested the system using example scripts from “1.0.5” from windows. When I run “USB_desc.pde” I get a full Enumeration, i.e. all the descriptors I would expect are displayed. This happens with either the telephone modem or the USB to serial converter. When I run “term_test.pde” or “term_time.pde” they run as expected, but no transfers can be made from the remote device(remote or terminal program or phone modem. There are no alarms on the arduino serial monitor, only the expected beginning output. I have checked the transfer of data from the remote terminal program to a terminal program running on the PC I use to control the Mega ADK and it works as expected. Any help would be appreciated. The problem is probably in the software.