Problems uploading to attached Arduino UNO

Please excuse if this is in the wrong forum. I continue to get the following error when I attempt an upload to my connected board via Arduino Create:

avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "/dev/cu.usbmodem1411": Resource busy

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi @nkuck, sorry this message got overlooked but it was posted on the wrong board. Do you still have this issue?

Please tell us: - OS - Browser - Board you are trying to upload to, is it an official one? - You sketch (please copy paste the url here)


Issue opened here

Why is this question considered to be on the wrong board? Where should it have gone? I went to the link and there is no answer to the question. I am having the same problem. There is no choice for Arduino Uno in Create that also includes a port, so all I can do is compile.

@ colbyparsons

What question ? The OP's ? It may have been moved here from another section.

Anyway you have established that you too have an issue with CREATE.

Some pretty easy questions for you.

OS and version ? Browser and version ? Have you installed the CREATE BRIDGE app ? If you installed the app did you say YES to anything it asked for especially anything to do with a CERTIFICATE ? Does your UNO show up properly in your OS under the relevant hardware ? Do you also have the regular IDE installed and if so does that work correctly ?

Going to give you THIS LINK just in case you missed anything (we all do it on occasion and nobody is immune) Make sure you slowly work your way down to the bottom of the page and dont be tempted to skip things.

"ME TOO" questions often get overlooked by some of us as it takes two to tango. The more you can give us the better the chance of a fix or decent answer.