Problems using Arduino as ISP to upload sketch to attiny45 and attiny85

Hi, i am at a loss, i got som attiny85s and attiny45s from futurlec and followed this tutorial:

All seems to go well when I "burn bootloader" (witch only sets the clock to the right frequency i have understood)

but when i then try to upload the blink sketch, i get this error message:

avrdude: stk500_paged_write(): (a) protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x64
avrdude: stk500_cmd(): protocol error

(in addition to the "please define PAGEL and BS2 signals in the configuration file for part ATtiny85" that i understand is normal)

i have tried a few attiny85s and a few attiny45s with the same results, what am i doing wrong?

If you are using Arduino 1.0 the problem is likely to be a serial buffer overload. They reduced the HardwareSerial.h buffer size in 1.0 and it doesn't seem big enough for ArduinoISP.

Try reducing the baud rate in both ArduinoISP.ino and programmers.txt.

Thanks, thats handy to know!

i use a my chips (not the attiny yet) frequently with midi in, and sometimes, with periferal devices that spout a lot of midi messages in a short period of time, i think the buffer is probably put to good use,

so could i change the size of the buffer in hardware HardwareSerial.h instead?

on a related note, do you know if the software serial library buffers incoming data in the same way?



I changed the baudrate to 9600 in both the files and uploaded the ISP sketch anew, and it works now! Thanks a lot!

so could i change the size of the buffer in hardware HardwareSerial.h instead?

Yes, you can. Just be warned that any future update of Arduino is likely to overwrite your changes.